Sealer for vacuum Caso VC100



CASO High Performance Made in Germany. A great help in the kitchen, to best preserve your foods.

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fully automatic system to realize the vacuum in a simple and fast in order to obtain a natural conservation, without preservatives. Ideal for meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Station removable empty. Pump volume 12L / minute. Continuous double seal. Blank check, intensity adjustment of the vacuum stop button: Ideal for delicate foods. Electronic temperature monitoring. max height of 30 cm rolls, adjustable length of sreconda need food packaging. Included in pack professional bags for the vacuum. Included in the suction cannula for vacuum packaging cans. (Art. Code 1260)

Dimensions W / H / D 380 x 90 x170 mm

Power 120 Watt

Voltage 230V, 50 Hz

sealable maximum width: 30 cm