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Machine for vacuum cooking Sous Vide Standing SV 200 Caso Germany



Apparatus for low temperature cooking of vacuum packed foods.

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One of the most important innovations in the culinary field is the low vacuum cooked foods cooking temperature. In the kitchen, the temperature is one of the most important components in the preparation of a dish. Vacuum cooking brings out the most of the fragrances and flavors, all of which are in the bag and allows you to cook without added fat. Vacuum cooking is done at low temperatures, in a slow and delicate, without stressing foods. Given his long time compared to traditional methods, is a kitchen that requires some planning, this machine allows you to program the lighting and cooking as well as to make us be ready when we get home, saving us up early to put the pot on the stove. The one of sunon never use without water.

Technical data:

Dimensions W / H / D 378 x 90 x 60 mm

Capacity 20 liters

Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz

Power 800 Watt