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List of products by manufacturer Connubia by Calligaris

Connubia is linked to the "fundamentals" of Calligaris production line, or tables and chairs. The name of the line, which in Latin means "marriage" means the merger, the union between the product and the company, a union memo passion, style and prestige.

The Connubia brand is presented initially with a symbol to Hoc and studied; It is composed of three semicircles arranged in a circle around a larger circle; three chairs around a table, is the direct graphical representation of conviviality, the idea of ​​home, of family warmth. It also represents the symbiosis between Calligaris and its products. Connubia, stays true to the company's flagship products, tables and chairs, creating prodtotti from classic and versatile lines; the tables are solid and rugged, they can turn, stretch to accommodate guests expected, and thanks to the different materials from which they are made, will adapt perfectly to the needs of each, as well as the chairs, ergonomic and contemporary design, rich in detail, and convenient to be able to rest after a tiring day, which Connubia devoted an entire range. Connubia then, is a new line of style and quality to be discovered.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 131 items