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Japanese leading manufacturer of devices for the diffusion of sound and appliances.

Born in 1946 in Japan's post-war, from the conception of the brothers NAKAICHI Kasuga, his brother Jiro, the brother Hideo Nakano and the Hisao uncle. Initially the name was "Trio" and the goods that were the most popular, there were tuners AM for the dissemination of news of national interest. In '47 the Trio coils, knew quite successful especially in the Tokyo area, which gradually began to be populated by electronics stores, thus encouraging the entry of two more employees.

In 1952 the Japanese laws concerned the amateur radio industry became less restrictive, giving further impetus to the dissemination of information over the air. The good performance of coil sales and growing market demand allowed in Kenwood design in 1953 of the first amateur radio receiver, met with good success from the market.
A unit of study and research was opened in Tokyo in that year for the design of audio products, ham and measuring instruments. The first result of this new organization was the production in 1954 of HF-1, the first AM tuner with hi-fi features. In the Kenwood measuring technology introduced in that year the SG-1 model, the signal generator.
Over the years, the Kenwood market expands, thanks to its more advanced products, coming up to Europe and later to the rest of the world.

During 1993 the Kenwood Europe has strengthened its team and moved its headquarters to Amsterdam, in view of the great changes taking place in the European Community for the movement of goods. Kenwood Europe in fact, will operate as a product distribution center. In April, Linear Kenwood moved to a new building owned and changes its name to Kenwood Electronics Italy S.p.A. On the production front, the units in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia obtained the ISO-9002 certification, which attests to the high quality of the models produced there. As new technologies, Kenwood adheres among other things to the project Eureka 147 digital broadcasting terrestrial DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), the only non-European manufacturer (along with Sony and Pioneer) to be included in the pool of research.
Kenwood has always considered very important European market as part of the Corporation's activities, both as quality of the application and as a trend. The intent is to further enhance the cooperation for a perfect continental integration.
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