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Brionvega is an Italian company specialized in the fields of consumer electronics and mobile products.

Founded in 1945 in Milan by Giuseppe Brion and the Engineer. Leone Pajetta with B.P.M. designation (Brion Pajetta Milan), which began to produce electronic components. In 1950, they specialized in radiofonici.Grazie equipment production to the development of TV in Italy, at the end of the fifties, the company later specialized in the production of television sets, changing the company name in Radio Vega Television.Con exit by the company of Pajetta, in 1963, the company assumed the definitive denomination Brionvega.Nel over the years the Brionvega, has been able to count on the collaboration of world-renowned designers such as Hannes Wettstein, Sergio Asti, Mario Bellini, Richard Sapper, Marco Zanusso , the Castiglioni brothers, to name a few. Together they produced models of radios and televisions of success and examples of Italian industrial design, multi-winners of the most prestigious international awards and exhibited in many museums around the world. Among the most famous products of Brionvega, remember the TS502 radio (commonly known as "The Cube"), the Algol portable TV, then replaced with a color larger. Brion family remains the owner of the company until 1992, when it was acquired by Selco, another historic Italian manufacturer of televisions, and Brionvega has followed the disastrous fate of the same when in 1997 he declared bankruptcy, then move to a new property. Brionvega is now in the hands of two different companies who purchased the rights to use the historic brand as far as the audio branch and the video still continuing to produce innovative products and high quality.

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