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Since 1975, tradition and quality in the production of seats and sofas for home and office.

The history of this brand was born in the 1970s by the Milani family, composed by Luigina mommy, an experienced designer and her husband Rino, specialized day welder and evening dresser. Their union will bring to life products of great quality, constantly growing thanks to the passion and care in the realization of the products, chairs and sofas for home and office, designed and developed by Mrs. Luigina, characterized by the use of special and sought after fabrics, often united in collage fantasies, reinterpreted with mastery and tailoring, which is always in keeping with the times. In the 1980s, with the increase in productivity, the Milani family inaugurated the new headquarters in Meolo, later in 1998 the Milani SRL was founded. In 2000, the company finally took the path of direct sales, thus consolidating new roles in the company, always within the family, choosing solid values ​​handed down from generation to generation such as craftsmanship, symbol of creativity, development and functional method to deal with a constant renewal in product realization. In addition, keep the integrity typical of a tailoring tradition and search for the most innovative design languages: this is Milani's direction to reach customer satisfaction and to demonstrate that all messages inherited from the past have an extremely contemporary dimension.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items