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List of products by manufacturer Pedrali

Since 1963 Pedrali creates suitable products to contract and domestic sectors by creating contemporary chairs and tables.

Geared to meet different demands on an international scale, the Pedrali company develops over time riding on the evolution of the concepts of design, reinventing offering in the world of an increasingly trendy style, through the production of articles 100% made in Italy, beautiful and functional. Pedrali grows in the market by recording a steady and balanced development in time, its products prestigious index, which offer extremely competitive prices while maintaining the high quality standard. Pedrali is evolving, ongoing confrontation with the technology and well-known interior designer, is the Design Pedrali development. Plastic wood and metal are the three elements of the mother Pedrali products that undergo an endurance test even before they are built. Each product Pedrali is certified. In 2006 born PedraliLab, company unit that focuses on the creation of tables and chairs for wooden contract. Creator of award-winning products including the notes Frida sessions, Gossip, Snow and many more. It's collaborates with famous designers such as Jorge Pensi Design Studio, Pio and Tito Toso, Marco Piva, Mandelli Pagliarulo, Roberto Semprini.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items