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Play with light creating objects of great emotion and impactful is the prerogative of Ingo Maurer, the German company specializing in the creation of lamps and chandeliers known and appreciated throughout the world. Thanks to the use of modern and innovative technologies, the German company has created unparalleled design icons, which are found not only in our homes but also in museums around the world.

The Ingo Mauer lamp always stand out for their modern design and unique style. The German designer, who for decades likes to experiment and to play with the imagination, always manages to amaze us with his beautiful and original creations. To be desk mounted, wall or floor, the Ingo Maurer lamps are all bizarre and make use of the latest technologies. Among the best known hanging lamps there is Zettel with sheets of Japanese paper, preprinted and white. The BIRD lamp is characterized by its real goose feathers that give it a sense of lightness and light to the diffused light environments. Of the lamp, known to most as Lucellino, there are several variations and all with the swing arm to branch the brightness in every direction. The light attracts you know the nature. And 'the case of the Butterfly lamp with dragonflies and butterflies that gently rests on a Teflon screen. The most famous mouse in the world, is inspired instead the table lamp Rich Poor Toto, made of steel and with a lacquered brass hat reminiscent of the ears of a mouse.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 76 items