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Antonio Calligaris in 1923, craftsman, gives life to the chair "THE MAROCCA". It was them who set the foundations of a giant indestructible design of today.

Until 1960, at the time, small business Calligaris focused and endeavored only to the production and sale Marocca, characterized by a solid wood frame, straw seat by hand and legs slightly bent. Subsequently inserting dell'impagliatrice within the company, and that's the economic boom and the small business industry Calligaris become a leader of a geographical area known around the world as the "District of the chair", them the principle the integration of the brand into other markets. In 1986 Calligaris from life to complete lines of furniture, inserting in its catalog tables, furniture, beds, sofas, furniture and gifts. It was a little later that the wood stopped being the only star's creations Calligaris, with it, the use and processing of metals and plastic materials together with leather and glass. The last decade is the decisive one, the opening of several flagship store in the world, and Calligaris, sponsored by the names of the location, it is stated as a leading company in the conceptual world of Design. Among the most famous creation of the Air and Ice chairs and table Airport.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items