To be competitive and reliable in the field of 'e-commerce, the service regarding shipments must be precise, accurate and timely. Therefore, in our home, the space dedicated to this important and delicate task has been dubbed the "baby". And it is also why our team, in preparing the parcels, they put body and soul, treating them with the delicacy with which it would be just a baby! We at Discount More we want to get you home the product you ordered intact and perfect, still in its original packaging that, in turn, is inserted in an additional padded protection, so as to preserve your purchase during the entire trip he will face before knocking at your door. In addition, we know that when you make a purchase on the Internet, anyone who wants to receive the product as quickly as possible, which we always try to ensure, either by choosing the fastest couriers, is keeping many products in stock, so that, from the time of purchase, to the moment when receive the parcel, not spend more than three days. If the selected product is ordered to our suppliers, the timing may be a bit 'longer but, nonetheless, within two or at most three weeks, you will receive what you ordered at the address indicated by you. Obviously times have changed in relation to the distance. If you live abroad you will have to wait a little bit more and, instead if you live in Italy, we might surprise you with time even shorter. Once a package is approved and prepared, it is given to our couriers, reaching across Italy and much of Europe. But our work does not end here, because we are always on hand to give you information about the status of the shipment or to help you and give you any assistance. So, do not hesitate to contact our operators in case of need. The only thing we ask you to facilitate the resolution of any problems and ensure rapid time ever, is to always have at hand the order number, so that we can immediately give the answers you are seeking. And, if for some reason beyond our control, what you ordered should reach it in less than perfect conditions, we do not worry, we will replace it or refund you. Why us Discount More care about your satisfaction, which is the best advertisement for those working in this field.

More professional, more attention to detail, more consideration for the customers are always our prerogative. And when we meet an order, we imagine more and visit us on the side of those who did so to be able to give the same service that we would receive if we were in your place, the other side of the computer screen or mobile phone. And do not forget, our name Discount Plus, because in addition to the discount there's more!

You can track the shipment at the following links: 

es. code AA000000000000 BRT link: BRT COURRIER
es. code 000000000000GLS link: GLS COURRIER
es. code 0000000000000 DPD link: DPD COURRIER
es. code 000000A000000 SDA (Italy) SDA COURRIER


es. code 0Z00000E0000000000 UPS link: UPS COURRIER

The contribution for shipping costs that we request varies depending on the country to which the shipment is destined, in detail:

     ITALY: cost per order, equal to € 9.90

     EUROPE AREA 1: cost per order, starting from € 20.13
     (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary)

     EUROPE ZONE 2: cost per order, starting from € 27.81
     (France, Monaco, United Kingdom, Spain)

     EUROPE ZONE 3: cost per order, starting from € 42.70
     (Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Sweden)

     EUROPE AREA 4: cost per order, starting from € 42.70
     (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland)